SCREAMS I want to read Injustice y3 but no torrents are up yet and it;’s not out yet??? Sobs

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things to say during sex

  • hey wanna hear my impression of you in about three seconds??? AHHHHHHHHHHHHH
  • well well well, someones looking desperate!
  • man its been so long since ive inhabited a body!
  • [slaps self] WOO [slaps self again] WOO! haha
  • pain is hilarious!
  • boy these arms are durable
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That time the crew found a real Constantine gravestone while filming…

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Rolepages is blocked from the school net sobs

and I just got commented on my typing by some random woman omfg

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Czytaj dalej

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Erik and Ethan are shouting at eachother about Kidneys 

Probably because Erik offered to replace Mick’s last kidney with a tomato

Not a good offer for the boyfriend, Erik

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What did the kidney say to the other kidney?

I’m stoned

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Matt Ryan as Mick Rawson in Criminal Minds Suspect Behavior episode 5, Here Is The Fire, Part 3

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Matt Ryan as John Constantine [x]
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Matt Ryan - Heart of Lightness BTS [x]
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Hellblazer #54

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